Become Who You Should Be

My parents told me I was an unplanned and unwanted child and constantly told me I was naughty and an idiot. Just read my old school reports and they constantly said that I didn’t try and was naughty. Not surprisingly I was cast out into the adult world disenfranchised, with no skills, no certificates and a low self image always under the impression that everything was my fault and rejected everything and everyone with an angry and violent reaction to it all.

When I found the Martial Arts and Buddhist meditation and logic I realised that actually all my opinions came from others and mindfulness allowed me to discover who and what I really was, it was a revelation.

It was a lifesaver, I worked my way through the security world to become the Operations Manager of a large company giving that up to become one of the first professional martial arts instructors, discovered I was actually highly intelligent with an IQ in the top 1% and just had a mind that worked in an unusual way that worked exceptionally well in the martial arts, mindfulness/meditation and philosophical worlds writing books and over 400 magazine articles and blogs.

The point is that it is important to make that internal journey or you just might never discover who and what you should really be.

Learn about mindfulness and meditation, make that journey and be yourself, don’t let anyone else force their views on you of what or who they think you are or should be.

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