I’m Only Visiting….


It’s okay I’m just visiting,
Don’t make any permanent arrangements,
I’m not staying.
Just thought I’d pop by to see how you’re all doing.

I’ll be gone soon enough,
We don’t stay in human form long,
3 score years and 10 is average,
Just long enough to meet a few challenges and grow.

Then I’m off to bigger things.
It’d be a mistake to think it was permanent,
To think that I ever ‘owned’ anything,
Or to try and make it my home.

My home is much bigger,
It’s where I take refuge,
I’m safe at home,
Because it’s permanent.

Life is just a visit,
A bit of theatre,
A time to enjoy a challenge and grow,
Then it’s time to go home.

Death is like a warm blanket,
Like falling asleep,
A welcome rest,
Time to go home and be myself again.
By Steve Rowe
Photo by Ann Rowe

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