I Don’t Belive In PMA….

deflect and punch

I don’t believe in ‘positive mental attitude’ because to do so implies a negative one. Life just is as it is. Hardship is a challenge and we learn from it and we also benefit from rest and respite to heal.

I am a warrior and welcome challenges as they make me stronger and wiser, those that go for an easy life are boring to me.

The only way to stop me is to kill me.

I don’t need encouragement to win, I’m not that weak, I don’t need medals, certificates or awards as I know exactly what I can and can’t do.

There’s nothing you can take from me to weaken me, everything life throws at me and anything you do only makes me stronger.

Teamwork in Shi Kon makes us strong as a group but isolated each warrior remains individually strong as that’s what we train for.

Praise and ridicule mean nothing to me as they will never change or divert me from my purpose or how I feel about myself. Physical and mental hardship have taught me exactly who I am.

Shi Kon = Warrior Spirit/Heart/Mind

Use it or lose it.

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