We’re Not All The Same

Some people fit easily into a life of servitude, are good children and grow up into jobs providing a regulated environment. That was never me. I hated school, didn’t study and failed any exams. Never got on with my parents and was always the naughty child and odd one out. I left home as soon as possible and didn’t like jobs with a regulated environment and went self employed as soon as possible. I’ve always worked and studied hard in my adult life, have been very successful when I didn’t need to rebel and have always trod my own path, … Continue reading We’re Not All The Same

Dealing With Disability & Illness

Dealing With Life Changing Illness & Disability This is directly from my personal experience of 3 bouts of life changing sepsis, 25 surgeries, amputation and cancer coupled with 50 years of training in mindfulness, meditation and martial arts, I am 72 years of age. First you have to accept yourself.Accepting who and what you now are. This will take time and you have to allow it to happen in its own time.This will give you the freedom to work with what you have rather than mourning what you’ve lost. Then you have to accept others.When you have accepted yourself you … Continue reading Dealing With Disability & Illness

In Memory Of Alan Emery

In Memory Of Alan Emery “Why do you let that man train?” “What man” I asked politely. “Alan.”  Alan was one of our ‘special needs’ students.  “Whenever we’re doing our form he never moves in time with us, he’s always bumping into us, when we’re doing our exercises he’s always making strange noises and passing wind – it’s disgusting!” “I don’t just let him train; I actually sponsor him to train here.” “Why on earth do you do that?” “To help people like you become more tolerant.”  There was no answer to that.  The student coloured up and left quite … Continue reading In Memory Of Alan Emery