Being A Good Student

We often talk about what makes a good Instructor and what makes a good club, but what happens when we turn that on it’s head and ask what makes a good student? The one thing that I discovered was that if I knew how to be a good student I could get far more out of my Instructors than anybody else and that as an Instructor I am far more inclined to teach a good student thoroughly than a bad one. The inescapable facts are that many Instructors don’t get to choose their students, sometimes they teach because they feel … Continue reading Being A Good Student

Teaching Older People

  Many of us these days teach people in their 70’s and above and it’s important for us to understand that even if their memory and body is breaking down, they are still a senior citizen and should command respect. Don’t talk to them like they are a child, don’t get frustrated with them, be courteous, polite and break technique down until you find that which they are comfortable with. They deserve dignity, they have often served their country, bought up families and paid their dues. Don’t put your ambitions and expectations on them, often they only want to stay … Continue reading Teaching Older People

Responsibility Of An Instructor

Responsibility Of An Instructor When you’ve been in this game a few years and you’ve seen a few thousand people come and go you tend to be able to categorise people and their actions.  Having said that, after 40 years I am still surprised by people that the Martial Arts “alchemy” has worked with – those that suddenly “awake” and turn from being a waste of Dojo space into spirited, courteous and conscientious Martial Artists. As a Coach we have to lay challenges out for the student in a trail of bite size chunks and see whether they are prepared … Continue reading Responsibility Of An Instructor