Chinto Kata (Gankanku)

“I hate kata!”  Peter was obviously not in a good mood and the days course today was on kata…… “So why bother to attend?”  I asked. “Because if we don’t it will affect our grading….” Peter was not going to be a bundle of laughs today so I made sure that I was as far away as possible so that I wouldn’t have to partner him in any pairs work. Sensei entered the Dojo, conducted the formalities and began the course…. “Chinto Kata, what do you know about it?” “It’s a Crane Kata,” said one. “Good, what else?” “It’s called … Continue reading Chinto Kata (Gankanku)

Mick Nursey Interview 2003

This interview was conducted in September 2003… I didn’t really know Mike Nursey until recently.  I’d heard his name over the years and when he came directly into the English Karate Governing Body from FEKO he attended the Council meetings and was elected on to the Technical and Executive Committees.  Mike has always been the voice of reason.  He represents the voice of the majority and clearly has the interests of English Karate at heart. At the first Management Board meeting it was clear that he wasn’t duplicitous and in computer speak was WYSIWYG (what you see is what you … Continue reading Mick Nursey Interview 2003

Ray Fuller Interview 2003

This Interview took place in 2003 Ray Fuller was there at the beginning.  He was one of the very first Karateka in England, starting with Vernon Bell in the famous Horseshoe pub in Clerkenwell in 1964 with Mick Randall (now MBE).  Ray was there for the founding of the KUGB and in 1975 formed Thames Karate, which is still a member of the English Karate Governing Body today. Ray has without a doubt led an eventful life.  Well known as a spirited Karateka and for his uncompromising attitude to traditional Shotokan Karate, Ray has headed one of the largest groups … Continue reading Ray Fuller Interview 2003

Dave Hazard Interview 2003

This interview was recorded in July 2003 Dave Hazard is a living legend in Shotokan Karate.  He is typical of the depth of quality contained within the English Karate Governing Body.  One of the first to start the Art in the late 60’s, training at the famous Blackfriars Dojo under the late Enoeda Sensei, Dave was one of the first English Instructors to up sticks and make the journey to Japan to train at the Honbu Dojo of the Japan Karate Association, returning a year later as a Sandan graded by the late Nakayama Sensei, head of Shotokan Karate. An … Continue reading Dave Hazard Interview 2003