Putting Your Head In Your Anus

Putting Your Head In Your Anus It’s a catchy, humorous title but has a serious side to it. When you’re doing seated meditation a good point to focus on is ‘sealing your anus’ with the weight of your head. This ensures that your back is straight and your head is aligned. When you’re standing, you do the same with the arches of your feet and of course all balanced movement in Tai Chi is dependent on your skill in feeling this alignment and the arches of the feet are the first ‘pump of chi’ in the body. When standing you … Continue reading Putting Your Head In Your Anus

Stand, Walk And Run Skills

Stand, Walk And Run Skills “Tonight, I’m going to teach you how to stand, walk and then run,” sifu waited for the statement to sink in. “Well excuse me sifu, I’ve only been practising that for the last 24 years,” said Jamie with an air of mock sarcasm. “And you’re not very good at it, are you….” Sifu answered with a statement more than a question.  “This is the problem, standing, walking and running are everyday uses of the human body, when we can do this skilfully, we are practicing our martial arts all of the time – and importantly, … Continue reading Stand, Walk And Run Skills