Martial Parenting

Martial Parenting The energy from the children’s class is powerful.  Twenty happy, flushed smiling faces, all wanting to talk at once and tell sensei what they’ve been up to since the last lesson creates a level of chaos that frightens lesser instructors and leaves them depleted after their struggle to contain and direct the chaos for 45 minutes. But sensei has a different method, it’s almost like he is one the kids, but maybe the leader of the gang, he immerses himself gleefully into the sea of energy, floating easily within, and almost imperceptibly guiding the flow….  Often it seems … Continue reading Martial Parenting

Training Children Need Parents Support

Ring ring…. “Warriors Heart Martial Arts School.” “Hi Sensei, this is Sam Jones’s Dad, I’m calling because Sam seems to be losing interest, he was very happy to get his first grade but his peers seem to have gone up and he’s left behind, I don’t want him to give up but he seems to have lost the ‘buzz’ that he had before…” “Have you seen the feedback forms that I’ve given to Sam?” “I know he’s had some – but to be honest I haven’t read them.” “Okay, the reason that he’s feeling like that is because he doesn’t … Continue reading Training Children Need Parents Support