Internet Tough Guys

  Whenever anyone starts telling me what they are I wonder who they are trying to convince – me or themselves? Social media in the Martial Arts is awash with “I’m really hard I am, really tough, you’d better not upset me because I’m a ‘hardnut’…. I am, I really am, honest to God I am, I’m so hard, I’d rip a tissue or stamp on a dolls house!  All you lot are useless, what you do is useless, your martial arts are crap, in a real fight I’d muller the lot of you. There’s some mysterious place called a … Continue reading Internet Tough Guys

The Internet And Martial Arts

The Internet And Martial Arts The ‘gang’ were sitting in the Dojo rest room watching youtube clips of martial art instruction and scanning the Martial Arts forums for information. Rob was a 30 year veteran of karate having started training under UK Japanese instructors and subsequently under various English instructors for the past few years in karate and different MMA. “I’m amazed at some of these older English instructors, they broke away from their Japanese instructors complaining that they were egomaniacs,  and that they were claiming that their training methods were ‘the only way’ and not allowing their students to … Continue reading The Internet And Martial Arts