Revenge Of The Stolen Pen

Steve Rowe talks to well respected Doorman and Shi Kon Martial Artist Dennis Jones. This interview was done in March 2005. Dennis visited the centre and bought a videotape with a collection of violent confrontations taken from his huge archive of footage from 25 years of door work on some of the most violent night clubs in the Medway area to help the students understand how violence starts and how to avoid and deal with it.  Whilst he was here I asked him to talk about how bullies single out their targets. SR  Dennis, we’ve just watched a videotape made … Continue reading Revenge Of The Stolen Pen

Dave Courtney Interview 2010

This interview was conducted in October 2010 I never judge anyone until I’ve met him or her in person.  In my experience a person and their reputation rarely match, the story from others is always going to be subjective and often it’s only repeated rumour and gossip.  Dave Courtney is a controversial character and draws opinions from all manner of people. The first thing that struck me about him was his genuine friendly manner and the fact that he obviously valued friendship and his long-term friends.  That says a lot about him. Dave ran a security company with over one … Continue reading Dave Courtney Interview 2010