Cultural Indoctrination

When you’re young your body can consume your soul. People notice your body, you’re proud of it and carry it in that way. You train it, dress it, preen it people notice and you are flattered by their attention. You only exist in the eyes of others and they notice you. Social media ‘selfies’ bear this out.  The gym pics, the 6 pack pics, the bathroom selfies, the desperate need to be noticed, how you look on the outside is who you are. Martial Arts clubs pander to this, meditation and a deeper, holistic health are pushed to the side … Continue reading Cultural Indoctrination

Old Man Martial Arts

  This morning’s neigong; An old man has to be mindful; He cannot move without thinking about it first; Legs have to be balanced; Care has to be taken with arthritic joints. Every step is measured; Every push is done with care; Pain gives a measurement; ‘Training’ involves a higher percentage of mind. BUT this is a good thing; The young don’t have to think; Their perception and perspective is flawed; Their hormones and naïveté control them. Many old MAists try to be young; Making them feel old before their time; “I can still do it” sounds so sad; Like … Continue reading Old Man Martial Arts

Old Man On A Bench

Old Man On A Bench Made me jump. I thought he was a statue; Just sitting there staring into time; People reach that age where they become invisible; Not fitting into social norms…. He was bolt upright. Neck firmly against his collar; Back ramrod straight; Breathing imperceptibly; No wonder I thought he was made of stone.. I was transfixed. I wondered what his life had been; What had he done? What had bought him to here, now? What could he teach us? We used to revere age and experience; Now we worship youth and stupidity; Dignity is sadly a thing … Continue reading Old Man On A Bench