Old Man Martial Arts

  This morning’s neigong; An old man has to be mindful; He cannot move without thinking about it first; Legs have to be balanced; Care has to be taken with arthritic joints. Every step is measured; Every push is done with care; Pain gives a measurement; ‘Training’ involves a higher percentage of mind. BUT this is a good thing; The young don’t have to think; Their perception and perspective is flawed; Their hormones and naïveté control them. Many old MAists try to be young; Making them feel old before their time; “I can still do it” sounds so sad; Like … Continue reading Old Man Martial Arts

Old Man On A Bench

Old Man On A Bench Made me jump. I thought he was a statue; Just sitting there staring into time; People reach that age where they become invisible; Not fitting into social norms…. He was bolt upright. Neck firmly against his collar; Back ramrod straight; Breathing imperceptibly; No wonder I thought he was made of stone.. I was transfixed. I wondered what his life had been; What had he done? What had bought him to here, now? What could he teach us? We used to revere age and experience; Now we worship youth and stupidity; Dignity is sadly a thing … Continue reading Old Man On A Bench