Why I’m Different

It took me a long time to find myself, to realise that I think differently to most other people. Never got on with family or at school, always the outsider. It was only when ‘Kung Fu’ came on the TV in the ’70’s that I found Buddhism, was already training in Karate and working in security to find an outlet for my inner violence, but in Taoism, Zen and Buddhism I found myself, I found peace. I could stop hurting other people and myself.   Without ‘Kung Fu’ and the underlying philosophy I don’t where I would be. I’m right … Continue reading Why I’m Different

The Yin Yang Transitions

This Morning’s Neigong: The late summer slightly damp wooded ‘scent’ in the air; When in yin it feels like the front of the body and the inside of the limbs are in the shade; When in yang it feels like the back and outside of the limbs are in the sun. In neigong we hold to feel and then gently transition to feel the intention change; In the form we feel the spiralling action of the transitions; The softness of the embrace at the front; The power of the spine at the back; How life needs the transitions; From the … Continue reading The Yin Yang Transitions