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Why I’m Different

Photo on 27-09-2016 at 12.30

It took me a long time to find myself, to realise that I think differently to most other people. Never got on with family or at school, always the outsider. It was only when ‘Kung Fu’ came on the TV in the ’70’s that I found Buddhism, was already training in Karate and working in security to find an outlet for my inner violence, but in Taoism, Zen and Buddhism I found myself, I found peace. I could stop hurting other people and myself.
Without ‘Kung Fu’ and the underlying philosophy I don’t where I would be. I’m right brained, I’m artistic, I see behind the curtain all the time in life. I can’t work with logic, with sequences, with lists, I can hold everything in my brain all the time in one almighty mess, but when required, it all comes out in perfect order. When I took a MENSA test I was in the top 1%, but could not pay attention in school and failed all my exams.
I work and think in principles and open concepts and that’s why my training programmes are so different. Harder to understand because they are not laid out and academic, but more like the open spontaneity and responsiveness required in real life.
If I’m not interested I can’t do it, but I love martial arts and philosophy, that’s where my real skill lies. I don’t care about business, money, certificates, reputation or networking and that’s why I don’t fit in, always alone but still comfortable in a crowd, I don’t need attention. I love silence, stillness, intensity, the profound, training and sharing knowledge, that is my life and why I have many real friends and students.
I scare the shit out of some people because they can’t understand me, but I can’t help that. I am what I am and if you love martial arts and the underlying philosophy, you’ll always have me as a true friend.
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The Yin Yang Transitions

Buddha head

This Morning’s Neigong:

The late summer slightly damp wooded ‘scent’ in the air;
When in yin it feels like the front of the body and the inside of the limbs are in the shade;
When in yang it feels like the back and outside of the limbs are in the sun.

In neigong we hold to feel and then gently transition to feel the intention change;
In the form we feel the spiralling action of the transitions;
The softness of the embrace at the front;
The power of the spine at the back;

How life needs the transitions;
From the tenderness of love;
To the power of resolve;
How often both are needed in one body at the same time;
For us to survive with intelligence and wisdom.

This is my present;
This is my gift;
I only need to have the direct experience in this moment;
To understand why Tai Chi is life.