Don’t Kill Someone With Depression

The problem with ’copy and paste’ and ‘meme’ oriented social media is that people thinking they’re doing good can end up causing more harm.

When they (in all good spirit) encourage people with depression to ‘speak out’, ‘talk to someone’ and ask ‘if they’re okay’ can exacerbate the depression if the depressed person feels:

That if they do speak up they’ll make the situation worse by agitating or scaring those around them and end up withdrawing and isolating themselves.

They feel a lesser person by letting others know and will be passively bullied by them trying to help or sort things out, often unconsciously looking down on them because they can’t cope.

It can be better to not mention depression or mental health to these people and not discuss it but give physical help where you can and identify what’s troubling them and give help, encouragement or support for them to resolve their problems so there’s no loss of face. To just be a good friend.

Some need to talk to friends or family but not everyone, and some need professional help, but how many times when someone commits suicide (and often passively by not seeking treatment for health problems) or has a total breakdown do we end up asking “why didnt they speak up?” Not realising that we had inadvertently blocked the path with our attitude.

One thought on “Don’t Kill Someone With Depression

  1. I feel this. I tried to help a close relative through suicidal incidents by taking them with me every day and all I was doing was saying ‘my life is better than yours’! I had to let go and thankfully they came through.


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