Shi Kon Tai Chi Coaching Programme 2023




No Previous Experience Necessary.
This one day a month for 10 months programme will be taught personally by Steve Rowe 9th Dan, an internationally renowned Tai Chi teacher, Chairman and founder of both the Martial Arts Standards Agency and Shi Kon Martial Arts International. It is designed to certificate and give Tai Chi Students the ability to teach Tai Chi and run and administer a club to basic level standard. Participants will be registered with Shi Kon Martial Arts International Association, the British Council for Chinese Martial Arts (the Sport England registered Governing Body for Chinese Martial Arts) and the Martial Arts Standards Agency. The coaching part of the qualification will be the BCCMA level 2 qualification.

The course will cover the following and enable you to practice and teach:

Meditation and Mindfulness – standing, sitting, walking and laying down.

Neigong – the 5 standing ‘yin and yang’ and neutral postures for breathing, emotional intelligence, postural alignment, the 3 bows, left and right and upper and lower body harmonies.

Qigong – the Yang Family exercises that soften the body, open the joints and myofascia and categorise the energies needed to do Tai Chi techniques,

The 8 Principles – that underpin and support all martial art movements.

The 13 Strategies – of Tai Chi that thread through all movement to make it effective.

The Yang Forms – The ‘Grasp Sparrow’s Tail’ Form that is suitable for beginners and short courses and contain all the essentials to begin learning Tai Chi and the 20 minute ‘Yang Chen Fu 108’ ‘gold standard’ form of Yang Family Tai Chi that you would expect any Yang style teacher to be able to teach.

Pushing Hands – Push Hands is the introduction to partner work. It takes the ‘constructive cycle’ of the form and utilises the ‘destructive cycle’ giving points on a circle that the cardinal strategies would be used. For this qualification, coaches will learn horizontal and vertical circle push hands drills, along with wrist and forearm rolling and the 4 ‘receiving’ technique drills.

Application – From the forms and pushing hands, participants will learn applications of the techniques and why Steve Rowe is the acknowledged expert and his knowledge used and respected by security and law enforcement services across Europe.

All the techniques are videoed separately using our top practitioners of the system with guiding ‘voice over’ by Steve Rowe and uploaded to our Thinkific platform for technical support.

The Cost – of the entire qualification is £1500. This can be paid in advance or by £150 deposit to secure your place and 9 subsequent monthly payments when the programme starts by direct debit of £150.

The Qualification starts in January 2023 and the training days will be at Steve’s full time Dojo in Chatham Kent UK from 11.30am. The proposed dates are:

29th January 

26th February

26th March

30th April

21st May

18th June

30th July

20th August

17th September

15th October

Anyone needing any extra help or training will be able to take additional private lessons with Steve at a ‘members cost’ of £50 per hour.

If you are interested in registering message Steve Rowe on FB, call or text on 07545 23 22 21 or email

Want to see what previous participants thought of the programme? Click here…… in

11 thoughts on “Shi Kon Tai Chi Coaching Programme 2023

  1. Hi Steve,
    I am a Student of Tony Childs and interested in your monthly Workshops. Do have a space available?
    As per your website, they start on 9th Jan, however I‘d have to miss the first workshop because I will be returning from abroad on the 13th Jan. Would that be a problem.


  2. Hi Steve,
    It’s Jason Corner I hope you are feeling better, Tony mentioned you were doing an offer for the advanced course next year? If so are there any spaces left?

    Best wishes



  3. Hi Steve, I would like to enrol on the 2023 course and should be grateful if you would send me the form. Mikey has sent me your contact details. I have been doing Tai Chi on Friday nights since 2020. Many thanks


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