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My name is Steve Rowe and I have practiced martial arts for 50 years, I am Chief Instructor to Shi Kon Martial Arts International and have written books, articles for magazines and blogged for many years. There are about 400 articles and poems that I have written on this blog.

I have trained and hold teaching grades in Karate, Iaido, Kung Fu, Jodo, Tai Chi and Ju Jitsu. I have also studied and written extensively on meditation, mindfulness, philosophy, Buddhism, Zen and Taoism. I own and run the Shi Kon Martial Arts Centre on Chatham Hill in Chatham Kent and have taught and trained extensively all over the World.

I have worked and taught in the security and law enforcement industries for many years and now run seminars and Tai Chi Coaching programmes in the UK and Czech Republic alongside my full time centre.

8 thoughts on “Welcome To My Blog

  1. Dear Steve 🙏
    Just wanted to express gratitude to you as the teacher of my coach Tony Childs. I have been his student for 1 year now and my life has been completely transformed. He is amazingly patient, gentle yet firm and full of love and compassion for those he helps. You are teaching him well and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Love and blessings


  2. Hi Steve,
    I was a student at your dojo back in 2003 and I had such a great experience, I haven’t found a dojo as fun and exciting then yours. Thank you for bringing such great Ethos to your business. I live in Australia and I’m now going to be joining one of your online classes. You really need to open a dojo in QLD Australia I would be the first one on your list.

    Thank you so much

    Amanda Chamberlain


  3. Hi Steve I started Karate with Tatsuo back in 1969 at the Manor Place baths I was 16 years old fortunately through much deliberation I reached 4th kyu my main teacher was Kobiashi the class dwindled down from around 30 to six by the time I took my green belt and I totally agree with you that many left due to the sparring sessions and black eyes, I felt very privileged to be demonstrated on when professor Tatsuo was showing some of the moves I think it was because I taught weight training at a very young age and I was also the same height as Tatsuo I came home after many sessions black and blue my mother would insist that I take up a more gentle sport like you I was very stubborn and I insisted that this was the way forward, at a ripe old age of 68 I train with Sensei Barry Archer at Woodlands Rd Sports centre on Tues and Thursday evenings He speaks very highly of you with much respect we may have crossed paths unknowingly I hope you are in good health wishing you the best for the future Vic Asquith


    1. Hi Vic – good to hear from you. We probably have crossed paths at some point, my brother trained with Tatsuo in the ‘60’s and ended up with George Andrews in the ‘70’s.


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